The Coronavirus has disrupted the wedding industry.

If you were planning a wedding set for any date, anywhere in the world, after March 1st, 2020, chances are your toughest decision was no longer about seating charts, but whether to pivot or postpone.

Some couples cancelled the wedding of their dreams and opted for condensed courthouse ceremonies.

Other couples adapted to live streaming socially-distanced, micro-weddings with many of their loved ones unable to attend.

Then, there’s YOU.

You are the HOPEFUL COUPLE who kept shifting the date of their wedding by weeks, then months because you were determined that your most amazing day would come to pass — as close to as originally planned — and everyone would be there to celebrate.


You didn’t want to compromise on what will be one of the grandest celebrations of your life!


Yet, after you’d saved for so many years to plan your dream wedding, family and friends also making generous contributions, you have most likely suffered some form of financial loss with your wedding postponements — as well as disappointment.

Brides and grooms worldwide are being charged thousands in cancellation and postponement fees for weddings that can’t go ahead because of the coronavirus measures.


Don’t despair! You have COUNTLESS options with the budget you have left!


Did you know a destination wedding cost less than HALF as much as a traditional at-home celebration — even before the pandemic hit?


And for couples, like you, who’d still like to pull off their EXACT fairytale wedding — OR BETTER — on an even tighter budget, a destination wedding is just the ticket!


Here are TWO things that we know for sure:

  1. The coronavirus could make weddings smaller for years to come
  2. Trends show that there will be a rise in destination weddings in 2021




Many couples are now considering the ULTIMATE VALUE for money getting hitched abroad allows:


ALL this value, EVEN when including the cost of group plane tickets to locations that are cheaper YET close to home, like Jamaica or Mexico!


So, are you ready to let us plan your ULTIMATE wedding?


Here’s how we can help create your stunning, customized experience and send you and your loved ones home with countless and uncommon memories that will last a lifetime. We offer:


  1. Personal Wedding Planning Teams
  2. On-Site Wedding Coordinators
  3. Picturesque Wedding Locations
  4. Flights and Accommodations
  5. Wedding Decor and Styling
  6. Classic Honeymoon Stays and Excursions

Ready to grab the opportunity to AMPLIFY your wedding dream AND make it a REALITY in 2021?




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